Moving Forward, Moving Out.

It had been about an hour or so since she and Rachel had arrived at the apartment that Quinn was no longer going to be occupying, packing up the things that she would be taking home with her while leaving enough for the space to be functional in case they – or someone else – needed a place to stay away from the insanity. It wasn’t an entirely huge job to do, but the blonde had decided that morning that she actually wanted to sort through her stuff that she had brought back to the city with her and get rid of some of the things she wouldn’t need or didn’t want. It was a process much longer than she could have expected, and about halfway through her far too large collection of clothes she had gotten tired and decided to grab some water and take a small break.

Walking out to the kitchen, she grabbed a glass from one of the cupboards that was now about half-empty and filled it with some water from the fridge, humming when she brought it to her lips and took a long sip of it. Her eyes darted around the room after, spotting Rachel just a few feet away working on something that she couldn’t quite make out, just watching her for a few long moments. There was no longer a longing whenever she looked at her wife, no ache in her chest from knowing that she couldn’t have the other woman because she had hurt her so badly, and it was entirely strange in the best way to simply feel her heart swell with love and happiness when she looked over at the brunette, once more. Setting her glass down on the counter to be retrieved later, the blonde made her way over to the singer and moved to sit behind her, allowing her to wrap her arms around Rachel’s small frame and kiss along her shoulder.

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